From Our Earth was created within a period of change, a period of evolution. An evolution of consciousness. From Our Earth is a movement, to give back to the earth and all living beings. Art, pottery, plants, recycled timber. All creations are made with love and sourced from the earth to cut down on wastes like plastics and toxins that affect so many aspects of our environment. It is inspired by the indigenous cultures and Eco founders of our world.

At From Our Earth Picking up plastic's from the beach whilst collecting driftwood is very important to us. Humankind now knows how big of an impact plastic is having on our world and all living on it.  Therefore we are extremely passionate about reducing our impact on this magical Earth. 

We use hemp canvas, hemp rope, drift wood and Earth pigments to create our paintings. Generally Canvases from art stores come wrapped in a thin layer of  plastic and come coated with a synthetic Gesso. Most paint comes in plastic and is made with toxins that not only has an impact on our health, but of course Mumma Earths. After Realising these Impacts We knew we had to source sustainable materials before making another painting. We have reduced our plastic waste and toxic waste to zero.