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From Our Earth was created within a period of change, a period of evolution. An evolution of consciousness. From Our Earth is a movement, to give back to the earth and all living beings. Art, pottery, plants, recycled timber. All creations are made with love and sourced from the earth to cut down on waste, plastics and toxins that affect so many aspects of our environment.it is inspired by the indigenous cultures and Eco founders of our world.

Every piece we make is 100% handmade and unique. Love and positive energy are so important in our creations. We Collect driftwood for our art from local beaches whilst picking up plastic. Mother Earth has given us so much and we believe as humans of the now, It is our role to continue to protect, connect and resonate with her and the universe. From Our Earth Art spreads awareness and weaves ancient wisdoms into the modern world.

We have reduced our waste as much as possible by sourcing bulk hemp canvas, hemp rope, earth pigments and driftwood to create our paintings. Our Paintings are free from the toxins modern day paints are made of and our canvases are free from the plastics canvases come wrapped in.

When you buy a piece of our art, you don’t just support us, you are a part of protecting nature. You help with the removal of plastics from our beaches when we collect the driftwood. You reduce plastic and toxic waste in the art world.We are all in this together, so thank you for your support and don’t forget to thank yourselves too.

The Power of nature, where would we be without its beauty, life and growth ? It has taught us more than what we know, but it is getting lost in the commercial world flow. Take a step back, look at what is real. connect to the earth, ocean and trees, they will help to set us free. give thanks, positive energy and you will be fine. open your heart and free your mind.